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Will Jacobsen: Lead Singer

He brings the show to you! Attitude and wardrobe are included – and watch out for the flashlight!

Dave Alstead: Keyboards, Vocals

Classically trained, he brings the band’s sound together.

Equipment: Kurzweil, Kawai, and Roland keyboards and sound modules, Roland MC-50 sequencer, Peavey keyboard amplifier

Doug Christianson: Drums, Acoustic and Digital Percussion, 1 vocal!

Covers the waterfront on all musical styles, but really has those 80s beats and digital sounds in the bag.

Equipment: Remo acoustic drums, Paiste Cymbals, DrumKat, Hart Accupads Roland and Alesis modules and triggers, lots and lots of hardware

Jeff Troop: 4-, 5- and 6-String Basses, Guitars, Vocals

The mayor! He's got more bass guitars than a guy should ever need...

Equipment: Carvin amplifiers and cabinets, Samson wireless, Yamaha, Carvin, Ibanez, Fender and Rickenbacher basses and guitars, and GT’s entire sound system

Kevin Worthington: Guitars, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Haphazard drumming

If only he could remember the lyrics…! Provides the authentic guitar sounds for the 80’s.

Equipment: Fender Strat, Carvin SC-90S, Gretsch TK300, all of Jeff’s Guitars; Line 6 Flextone amplifier and floorboard, Samson wireless, Roland R8 drum machine